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Civil and Structural Engineering

D.W. Engineering, a California based engineering company, provides a full range of civil, and structural engineering services. The services provided are from the initial investigation phase to the final phase of construction observations. D.W. Engineering designs, evaluates, and rehabilitates a wide range of structures, using the best in technology from the finite element analysis to the construction cost optimization techniques. All the structural designs are based on both new and true-and-tried construction methods and materials.!

Our works include design of new structures, as well as some challenging seismic retrofit, and rehabilitation of existing buildings. In addition to civil engineering, D.W. Engineering provides structural engineering services in the following fields:


Single family homes:This included custom homes, and track homes.
Multi family homes: This includes apartment buildings, town homes, and condominiums.

Retail shopping centers.
Office buildings.

Seismic Retrofit:
Seismic retrofit of existing medium, and low rise buildings.
Re-adaptive use for the existing buildings.

PML for the residential and commercial buildings.

Construction Support Services:
Structural observations
Field inspection
Construction Management.